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The Actus team is fully committed to the successful setup and deployment of Actus within your organization. We will work with you to identify important organizational structures, roles, and workflows that should be automated with Actus. A team of Actus Solutions Architects will configure Actus to work with your processes, and a dedicated support staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure success.

The Goal

We will work with your team to capture the necessary information in order to accurately set up your organization and enable your workflows, business processes, and data capture requirements in Actus.

The Process

We focus on several key areas to get you going in Actus quickly:

  • Organizational Structure
  • User Roles
  • Approval Workflows
  • Custom Data Capture
  • Bank Data Upload

Below is an illustration of how it all comes together.

Organizational structure

We use your own organizational structure to build a tree in Actus. This tree helps us control access to information and functionality according to hierarchy location, roles, and permissions.

We can map to any level of complexity you wish. Oversight is controlled by this structure, and you can go as granular as you wish. Here’s an example:

Action Items:

  • Determine Org Structure

    Customer and Actus support staff determine desired organizational structure

  • Import Org Structure into Actus

    Actus support staff will be assigned to set up your account structures. Set up is easily completed in a few hours- not weeks or months!

  • Import Tax Exempt Certificates

    Capture tax-exempt certification for your organization and determine POC for yearly updates

User Roles

Actus is designed with integrated Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) to establish separation of duties appropriate to your organization. Roles can have whatever names you wish. Some examples with permissions:

  • Buyers (people who have a purchase card)
  • Requestors (do not have a purchase card, but can send requests to buyers for purchase)
  • Approving Officials (approve requests, review reconciliation statements)
  • Budget Officers (review spend against budget, can also approve requests)

Action Items:

  • Create Roles

    Customer and Actus support staff determine roles and responsibilities

  • Import Roles into Actus

    Actus support staff imports customer roles into Actus

Approval workflows

Approval workflows can be configured with any number of approvers, in any combination of groups or sequential notification. We can even include non-approving people who just want to be notified when a request for purchase is made.

Here’s an example of an approval workflow that notifies everyone at once. In this case, there are 3 approvers: an Administrative Officer (AO), a Budget Officer (BO) and a Division Director (DD). The read-only role is shown as a Principal Investigator (PI) who has chosen to be informed whenever budgeted obligations are requested from fund accounts under the groups purview.


In this next case, we can see a workflow that includes several steps. The user(s) in step 1 must approve a request before the approvers in step 2 will get notified.

The sky is the limit, but here are a few strategies that our customers use to minimize unnecessary complexity:

  • Create a standard approval flow that can be used across your organization (used for “regular” purchases)
  • Create special approval flows for special purchases:
    • Radiological items
    • Controlled substances
    • IT Purchases
    • Post-purchase approvals

A few more notes on approval workflows:

  • Special workflows can have special roles and can even trigger audit checks
  • Approval workflows can be a controlled by hierarchy, so a single office could have a workflow just for them

Action Items:

  • Determine Approval Workflows

    Customer and Actus support staff determine standard and special approval workflows for each level of the Organization

  • Setup Workflows in Actus

    Actus support staff will configure the approval flows in the application

Custom Data Capture

One of the most important aspects of managing a purchasing organization is data capture. Actus is able to track any kind of custom data that you need. Whether it is managing a grant, Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), fund source, or Program Area spend, you are able to specify any kind of data to be captured during the approval and purchase process.

Custom data can be specified at the organizational level, or down to a local team level. It can also be located at the purchase request level or at the item level and can be used as inputs to reports and audit checks.

Here’s a snapshot of an automated approval form that contains both request-level and item-level custom data:

custom data

Action Items:

  • Determine Data Elements

    Customer and Actus support staff determine data elements required across the organization, and capture data field values (ex. budget account numbers)

  • Configure Data in Actus

    Actus support staff will configure data fields in the application

Bank Data Upload

The last piece of the puzzle is to establish a process to import bank charges regularly for your program. Data from the bank is used to automate reconciliation matching and audit reporting. Typically, Organization admins upload charges 1-2 times per week so that the cardholders can approve the auto-matches regularly throughout the month. This ensures that reconciliation activity does not build up at the end of the month and that statement packets are approved by AOs quickly.

To ensure that we get the right data and that it is uploaded to Actus on a regular cadence, we recommend:

  • Identify at least two POCs at your organization can download the charges from the bank. They would be able to upload charges themselves, or send to Actus support staff who can perform the upload for them
  • Data fields: for Citibank, we have created a sample csv template which contains the necessary fields. Contact your Citibank rep for more information on how to access and configure reports.

Action Items:

  • Establish POCs for Bank Data Upload

    Customer will establish bank data upload POCs and cadence. Actus support staff will train POCs on their admin functions.

  • Setup Bank Reports

    Customer will contact bank for access to necessary reports


All you need to run your program

The Result: Micro Purchase Program Management

If we get everything above right, here is what your organization will enjoy:

  • Automated approval form creation and routing
  • Control & visibility of all requests
  • Custom data capture
  • Automated purchase log
  • Granular reporting
  • Automated audit reports

What’s next?

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