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A New Era of Speed, Security & Efficiency

Sep 26, 2023

Introducing Actus , showcasing the new era of speed, supply chain security and fighting-force efficiencies achieved through Government Purchase Card Compliance Automations.

Watch Actus demonstrate the effective use of machine learning, robotic process automations and artificial intelligence to streamline commercial acquisitions essential to the mission success of all DoD service branches.

Learn how all public and private contributors to our military complex will benefit from the embrace of Actus’s “best practices” made possible through commercial procurement reforms spearheaded under recent National Defense Authorization Act legislations.

You’ll see Actus as a start digital-stay digital approach to automating and removing manual administrative burdens associated with data entry, forms creation, approval workflows, document validation, transactional authentication, and the separation of duties while enforcing existing chains of command.

Data for decision makers and visibility into the status of approvals, orders, shipments, receiving and the funds availability are shown directly to the desktop of those with the authoritative rights and the need to know.

The new era of confident compliance to Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations is further demonstrated using Actus GPC compliance management to automate drawdowns on Blanket Purchase Agreements and the utilization of Contract Line Items within Standing Orders which greatly improves the viability and rebates earned from increased use of card programs in the military.

Throughout the video, transparency and oversight are made readily apparent as required by the proper use of all federal funds. Actus shows the creation, review, authentication, storage and digital retrieval of all records in a modern approach that transforms audit cycles from months to minutes. Stay tuned to learn how Actus COTS SaaS GPC Compliance Automations can improve procurement operations in support of mission success.

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